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Complete EN/US FAQ
How do I clear the Manage VST/AU Plug-ins window in Finale 2009 and later?
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Complete EN/US FAQ
Prodipe VE
VE Installer not recognize shipped hardware
Prodipe VE and Windows 64 bits compatibility
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TimeStretch causes Windows to crash on some configurations
NoVoice/MyVoice (<2013)
Im not sure how to use some of the features on my MyVoice software. Is there an instruction manual available for download?
Why can I still hear the main vocals even after activating the MyVoice vocal extraction feature?
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Prodipe 25C/49C/61C
The keyboard is correctly detected by Windows, but not by MIDI softwares.
I don't hear any sound on my Pod3
I don't hear, or very low, the sound of my iPod thru my Pod3.
Prodipe Studio 12
IMPORTANT ! Windows Vista/Seven Installation Instructions
No ASIO input signal on Windows Vista/Seven 32-bits
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Studio 22 Pro
Mac OS X : Audio inputs not visible in Cubase
Studio 88 Pro
MAC OS X : Studio 88 Pro not selectable in ASIO software (Cubase for ex.)

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